Executor services

What is an executor?

The person making a will needs to name people to carry out the instructions contained within the will in the event of their death. These persons are called executors.

Choosing executors to your will is often, not an easy decision to make. There are many factors to consider such as responsibility, ability, trustworthiness and age. In addition, how the executors interact is important. This can often be a daunting task.

We aim to make this choice as painless as possible with the best advice and planning to help you. If you feel uncomfortable with the options you have for choosing an executor, we will explore every avenue and give you as much information as possible before you come to your final decision.

We also offer the service of acting as executors to your will ourselves, there can be advantages in appointing professional executors. These include:

• Professional impartiality
• Expertise in dealing with probate and Inheritance tax
• Professional indemnity insurance
• Continuity – if you name a firm other than a person
• Reducing stress for close family members who otherwise would be named

Should you wish to explore this further, we would be pleased to discuss matters with you, to assist in finding a solution that removes any potential worry.

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