Inheritance Tax specialist

What is Inheritance tax?

If there is one thing that many people have heard of but don’t understand, it’s inheritance tax (IHT). IHT is the tax payable on the value of the assets of an estate when someone dies.

Being a firm of qualified accountants, we have expertise in this matter and can help in two general ways.

Calculating and submitting Inheritance forms to HMRC when dealing with probate.

Breaking it down, the costs included and who needs to be paid when, is a vital cog in the wheel of probate, and one that shouldn’t be overlooked. It’s our advice and support here that will make this process that much clearer to you. And, crucially, our advice will ensure you claim any available allowances.

We can assist executors with the tax calculation and submission of forms to HMRC, giving you the peace of mind that the calculations are correct.  In addition, we have experience in negotiating with HMRC if needed.

Inheritance tax specialist

If you have any confusion or questions in relation to IHT our tax experts can assist.  We can help/advise on:

  • IHT planning
  • IHT payment
  • How gifts affect IHT
  • How IHT is calculated
  • IHT allowances and reliefs
  • Valuations
  • Business assets
  • HMRC disputes

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