Lasting Powers of Attorney

Why are Lasting powers of attorney important?

The Covid pandemic has only served to illustrate how important it is to be able to deal with a relative`s finances and affairs should they become suddenly incapacitated through illness or hospitalisation. Many would have unfortunately realised too late that in many cases unless you have legal authority to act on their behalf before such an event, such as being appointed as their Attorney you will not be able to deal with everyday matters such as paying their bills or accessing their money on their behalf resulting in extra stress and upset at such a difficult time.

Such situations can easily be avoided by simply preparing a Lasting Power of Attorney or LPA in advance and appointing those who you know and trust to deal with such matters during this period.

A Lasting power of attorney is a legal document that gives others power to make decisions on your behalf. There are two types; “health and welfare” and “property and financial affairs”.

The health and welfare LPA allows decisions to be made about the choice of medical treatment and care and even where you might wish to be cared for when you return home. Without such protection it may not be your relatives that make these important decisions and there has been a recent well publicised case where a lady was taken from the care of a relative and placed in a care home which could have been avoided if there had been an LPA in place.

None of us wish to dwell on what will happen when we get older or if we suffer an accident, illness or lose mental capacity. Hopefully none of the above will happen but once we have lost mental capacity it is too late to prepare an LPA which is why it is vital that we consider such scenarios when we are fit and well so we have peace of mind that should such an unfortunate event occur in our lifetime those we hold nearest and dearest to us will be able to deal with our affairs and be able to care for us in accordance with our wishes.

If you don’t know where to start, we can guide you through the process of preparing an LPA, provide expert advice and peace of mind so that you know your requirements are safeguarded for the future.

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