What is probate?

Probate is the process of applying for the legal right to deal with deceased’s estate. When a person makes a Will, they usually appoint an executor(s) to deal with their estate when they die.

This is the person, or persons, who has the responsibility to administer the estate according to the deceased last wishes and Will.

This includes collecting all the deceased`s assets and possessions and paying all their liabilities including Inheritance Tax if applicable.

Most institutions such as Banks and Building Societies will require proof that the executor has the legal right to deal with the estate and will ask for what is known as “the Grant of Probate “before they will release the funds they are holding for the deceased. This of course provides protection and safeguards both for the executor and financial institutions against fraud and any future legal claims.

Once the grant has been obtained which takes on average 4-8 weeks then the executor can set about realising all the assets held by the deceased, pay any liabilities eg: Tax and Funeral costs deal with any property matters arising and administer the estate as set out in the Will.

We can help you apply for probate through the correct channels, guiding you through the process and assisting with the necessary parts, making sure we have the correct information from you at all times.

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