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Why do you need a will?

We are the leading experts on will writing planning and advice in South Wales, with a variety of services to suit your needs and leave you feeling empowered. But why write a will in the first place? Let us explain.

Many people still falsely believe that when they die without making a will their property and possessions will automatically go to their family and loved ones. Unfortunately, this is untrue and unless you make a Will and leave clear instructions who you wish to inherit your estate then your loved ones could miss out on their inheritance. According to research up to 60% of UK adults still haven’t made a Will.

Without a Will you are deemed to have died intestate and there are very specific rules used under the Administration of Estate Act 1925 which decides who inherits your estate in a set order and how much they receive and they may not be in accordance with your wishes.

It is also a common misconception that cohabitants (many couples now choosing to live together rather than marry) have a legal entitlement to your estate. Your common law partner is not entitled to inherit from your estate without a will and will not be provided for under the intestacy rules. Similarly with an increase in blended families from remarriages unless a carefully drafted will is planned many children stand to lose out on their inheritance.

Wills can also be used effectively to plan the distribution of your assets in order to benefit from the numerous Inheritance Tax exemptions currently available thus minimising your Inheritance Tax bill.

Wills also enable you to choose who you wish to deal with your estate on your death such as someone you know and can trust known as the executors or trustees. Similarly, you may wish to appoint Guardians to care for your children should you die, and a Will allows you to choose who you believe is most suitable for this task.

Furthermore, you may wish to leave a legacy or gift to a Charity or have specific wishes for your funeral or the care of your pets after you die and a Will provides for all of this.

Finally, a Will provides protection for your family ensures that only those you wish would inherit your estate and can reduce stress for those left behind to deal with your estate.

We advise on and help you plan your will, with a variety of services that will leave you feeling as if you had written it completely by yourself.

We’re based in Cardiff, Bridgend, Pontypridd and Pontyclun, and we’ve helped people just like you across South Wales with all of our will writing expertise, care and intuition. Contact us today to find out what we can do for you.

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