6 Bridgend Charities to remember when writing your Will

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Bridgend Charities to support

We want to encourage you to consider your favourite charity while making your will after taking care of your family and friends. Please read our charity legacies page.

When writing a Will many people wish to use their estate to support a local charity. This can be done by leaving a legacy to a charity in your Will. Bridgend Charities

We’d recommend discussing the possibilities with your Will writing professional.  Leaving money to a registered Charity could even reduce the amount of Inheritance Tax your estate may pay!

We can help you with this, contact us for a no obligation discussion.

We list below some very worthwhile Bridgend based charities that you may wish to consider supporting. Of course, there are so many Charities worth supporting that we couldn’t possibly mention them all! If you run a Charity and we can help we would welcome a chat.

6 Bridgend Charities

Y Bont

Y Bont is based in Heronsbridge School, Bridgend. It exists to support disabled children and their families.

Children are helped to reach their full potential. Both children and their families are assisted through information, practical, social and emotional support.

Bridgend Foodbank

In a modern developed society, there shouldn’t be a need for foodbanks! But, sadly there is a very real and large need with many facing the possibility of going hungry.

Bridgend Foodbank  is a stand alone charity. As such they are responsible for raising funds to support people in crisis in Bridgend County.

Bridgend Foodbank explained more about their work;

“In the last financial year (April 6, 2022 to April 5, 2023) almost 10,000 people needed to access emergency food aid from Bridgend Foodbank through our ten centres.  A total of 9,946 residents faced food insecurity, with the stark figures showing a huge rise from the previous year due to the ongoing cost of living crisis.  As food and energy prices soar, households are feeling the biggest squeeze on incomes in a generation. Demand for emergency food parcels has dramatically risen for a variety of reasons. People are being forced to turn to the Foodbank, in order to feed themselves and their families.

As a charity, we’ve been able to supply the most vulnerable in our community with emergency food.  We rely on the generosity of voluntary donations of both food and monetary donations to keep running and provide this vital service to our community.

Other practical support the Foodbank provides to reduce the need for emergency food:

1) Help navigating the social security system
2) Compassionate financial advice and support
3) Signposting to essential services to address the underlying cause of people’s hardship”

Mental Health Matters Wales

According to their website Mental Health Matters Wales, “Aims to improve the environmental, physical and emotional wellbeing of communities in Wales”.

Sadly, people suffering from poor mental health is increasing in Wales. This is a much-needed charity.

Their offices are based in Bridgend.

Samaritans Bridgend

Samaritans is a helpline service available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  They are open minded and non-judgemental, aiming to work with people to create a safe place where they can talk about what is happening and how they feel, and to help them find their own way forward.

The Bridgend Samaritans took its first call in June 1973 and as well as answering calls made to the national 116 123 number, volunteers at the branch support the local community by raising awareness of the service and offering emotional support when and where needed.

Emmaus South Wales

Emmaus South Wales is a charity working towards ending homelessness.

They provide a home and meaningful work for people who have experienced homelessness.

Emmaus has a community home in Bridgend.  It also a number of shops providing work and helping to support its goal.

Ty Hafan

Although not based in Bridgend, Ty Hafan is based close by and does exceptional work so has to appear on this list!

Their website shows their purpose; “No family should have to face the unimaginable loss of their child alone. With children and families at the heart of all we do, we provide free care and support in our hospice and in the community, offering a lifeline throughout the child’s short life, at end of life, through bereavement and beyond.​”

They provide an incredible caring service to Welsh families.

Can’t decide?

There are so many charities deserving of support. We all tend to have particular charities that are close to our own hearts whether local or national.

The good news is that you can name more than one charity in your Will. Whilst not all good causes are registered charities, it is worth seeking advice if you wish to leave money to a non-registered charity as this may have certain tax and legal implications.

How we can help

We mentioned 6 great Bridgend Charities. When leaving a legacy to charity it can make a significant difference to many peoples lives, we really do hope that you will earnestly consider it.

 If you would like to discuss leaving a legacy to a charity in your Will and/or the potential Inheritance tax implications, then get in touch as we would be pleased to help.


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