Letters of Administration

What happens if someone dies without a will?

When a loved one passes away without leaving a will, the process of administering their estate can become more complicated. The Letters of Administration process is used to appoint an administrator to handle the deceased’s assets and distribute them according to the law. If you’re dealing with this situation, we can provide guidance and support to help you navigate the process.

Apply for Letters of Administration

Letters of administrationYou may have to apply for Letters of Administration if someone dies without having made a valid will. They are said to have died intestate if this is the case. The Administration of Estate Act 1925 determines who is responsible for administrating the estate and who the beneficiaries are. This can be a complex process and of course it is very important that the correct persons administer the estate and the beneficiaries are correctly identified.

Applying for Letters of Administration can be confusing

If you find yourself needing to look after a loved one’s estate once they’re gone, and no will has been made, applying for Letters of Administration might feel like a confusing process to go through. This is why we’re dedicated to helping you at each step. This process includes the payment of inheritance tax, as well as the distribution of the estate. With us, none of this will be confusing; we will make sure you are where you need to be.

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With offices based in Cardiff, Bridgend, Pontypridd and Pontyclun, we’ve helped people just like you all across South Wales. It’s our knowledge, care and intuition that’s key to making applying for Letters of Administration as painless as possible. Contact us today to find out how we can help you.

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