Remote Probate Services

Remote Probate Services: Simplifying Estate Management in the Digital Age

In the intricate journey of managing a loved one’s estate, the value of competent probate professionals is inestimable. With the advent of online probate services, the process has become more accessible for those facing the difficult task of estate administration. Teams of probate lawyers coupled with chartered accountants provide a comprehensive approach, ensuring a seamless transition of assets while navigating the legal complexities from the comfort of one’s home.

The integration of expertise from both legal and financial domains by Harries Watkins Jones offering Wills and Probate services is particularly beneficial. They extend their skilled assistance in will writing, estate planning, and the administration of the deceased’s estate with an emphasis on precision and personal touch. This multidisciplinary support can be vital in mitigating the stress associated with probate duties, making the experience less daunting for the executors or beneficiaries.

We have a strong foundation in both probate law and accounting  which offers a distinct advantage, particularly when one’s financial affairs are intricate. A team that understands the nuances of estate management and tax implications can provide tailored services, keeping in mind the individual needs of each client. For those seeking such expert assistance, connecting with the right professionals is just a few clicks away.

Understanding Probate Services

Probate services are essential for the legal administration of a deceased person’s estate, ensuring assets are distributed according to their will or the law.

Basics of Probate

Probate is the judicial process whereby a will is “proved” in a court of law and accepted as a valid public document that is the true last testament of the deceased, or wherein the estate is settled according to the laws of intestacy in the absence of a legal will. It involves the following key steps:

  • Validating the Will: A court checks the will is legally valid.
  • Appointing an Executor: The individual named in the will or a court-appointed administrator will manage the estate.
  • Assessing Assets: The executor must locate and determine the value of the deceased’s assets.
  • Paying Debts and Taxes: Debts and taxes due by the estate are settled.
  • Distributing the Estate: Assets are transferred to the respective beneficiaries as per the will or intestacy laws.

It is crucial for one to understand that probate is often required whether or not the deceased had a will.

Estate Administration

The administration of an estate entails managing and distributing a deceased person’s assets. This includes a broad range of tasks:

  • Collecting Assets: Gathering the deceased’s assets, such as bank accounts, property, and investments.
  • Dealing with Debts: Ensuring all the deceased’s outstanding debts and bills are paid off.
  • Distribution: Allocating the remaining assets to the rightful heirs according to the will or the law.
  • Legal Filings: Submitting necessary documents to the probate court and other institutions.

The executor or administrator plays a pivotal role in estate administration, often requiring specialist legal advice, especially when dealing with complex estates. With the advent of remote probate services, executors can now manage these tasks with professional support from a distance.

How Harries Watkins Jones Remote Probate Services Work

Harries Watkins Jones has adapted its quality services for remote delivery, ensuring that clients can navigate the probate process from the comfort of their own homes.

Virtual Consultations

Harries Watkins Jones offers virtual consultations to clients, which are conducted through secure video conference platforms. During these sessions, clients can discuss their needs with a professional lawyer or chartered accountant. This allows for real-time communication and personal advice tailored to the client’s situation.

Document Handling

The handling of documents is managed digitall. Necessary paperwork can be received, reviewed, and processed online, which minimises delays and eliminates the need for physical handling of documents.

Online Probate Application Process

They streamline the probate application process by utilising online forms and electronic signatures. The application can be filled out from any location with internet access. Harries Watkins Jones guides clients through every step to ensure accuracy and compliance with legal requirements.

Digital Estate Management

The firm employs digital estate management tools to provide a comprehensive overview of the estate. This includes keeping track of online accounts and digital assets, which is an increasingly important aspect of modern estate administration.

Benefits of Remote Probate Services

Remote probate services offer several advantages, such as increased ease of access, potential cost savings, and a reduction in the time traditionally required to settle an estate.

Convenience and Accessibility

Remote probate services provide individuals with the opportunity to handle estate affairs from anywhere with an internet connection. This is particularly beneficial for those who live far from probate courts or have mobility issues. They can engage with legal professionals, upload documents, and manage their case without the need for physical travel.

  • Geographical flexibility: No need to be in the locality of the deceased.
  • Accessibility: Suitable for individuals with physical disabilities or who are unable to travel.


Using remote probate services can lead to a reduction in associated costs. Without the need to attend in-person meetings, clients save on travel expenses.

  • No travel expenses: Saves on transportation and related costs.
  • Reduced legal fees: Automated processes minimise the need for extensive legal intervention.

Time-Saving Aspects

The efficiency of remote probate services often translates to faster case resolution. Automated systems and electronic communication streamline the process, cutting down on delays caused by postal services or scheduling conflicts. This swift approach can alleviate the stress of waiting for probate to be granted.

  • Streamlined communication: Immediate exchange of information and documents.
  • Reduced delays: Eliminates postal hold-ups and expedites the overall process.

Choosing Harries Watkins Jones as a Remote Probate Service Provider

When selecting a remote probate service provider, it is important to consider the reputation, security, and accreditations of the firm. Harries Watkins Jones prides itself on upholding these standards.

Harries Watkins Jones Reputation and Reviews

Harries Watkins Jones has established a strong reputation for delivering comprehensive online probate services. Clients often highlight their satisfaction with the professionalism and capability of the firm. Reviews frequently commend their attention to detail and client-focused approach, underpinning the firm’s reputable status in the industry.

  • Professionalism: Often praised in client testimonials.
  • Attention to Detail: A consistent theme in customer feedback.

ICAEW Accredited for Probate

Being authorised by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW) for non-contentious probate services signifies a high level of expertise. Harries Watkins Jones holds this accreditation, demonstrating their capability to handle probate affairs judiciously and in accordance with the stipulated regulations.

  • ICAEW Accreditation: A mark of expertise and regulatory compliance.
  • Probate Expertise: Recognised by a leading professional body in the UK.

Contact Us

For those interested in Remote Probate Services, establishing a point of contact is a crucial first step. Clients can expect an open line of communication for initial consultations and service arrangements.

Arrange an initial chat

It is vital to discuss specific needs and understand how the Remote Probate Services can help. To arrange an initial conversation:

  • Telephone: Connect by calling 01656 335145 at your convenience.
  • Email: Send enquiries to and anticipate a prompt reply.

Clients can schedule a phone or video consultation to seamlessly initiate the process.

Planning and Tailoring the Service with you

Every situation demands a customised approach. In planning the service, careful consideration is given to individual requirements. Prospective clients can explore the range of services provided by Harries Watkins Jones and receive guidance tailored to their unique circumstances. Information about service planning can be found at the Wills & Probate office in Bridgend.

When contacting for service planning, preparing key details about the estate and your needs will ensure the most productive session. Whether it’s a simple query or a detailed service setup, the team is ready to assist with expertise and empathy.


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