Can a person with Dementia make a Lasting Power Of Attorney?

LPAs With us all living longer comes the added problem of more and more people facing life with a family member succumbing to this dreadful illness.

The Mental Capacity Act is designed to protect an individual and therefore it serves an important function in society.  If you do not have mental capacity, then you cannot have an LPA it is simply too late. This is a view supported by the majority of the public and prevents an individual from possible exploitation.

Also, if the LPA forms have been completed by a person but haven`t been registered and they then lose capacity, the attorney can still register on their behalf, but clearly it is far better if the LPA is registered as soon as possible. It is important that the Attorneys chosen are reliable and trustworthy as they have an important role such as deciding what is best for you regarding issues as important as your finances and property and even decisions regarding your health and even where you may live.

An LPA gives you and your loved one’s peace of mind that should the time come, they have the ability to deal with those difficult situations and decisions in just the way you both would have wanted.

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