Dealing with a Death

by | Sep 2, 2021 | Bereavement

BereavementA recent article in a newspaper has suggested that dealing with Probate for a friend or relative can cause mental health issues for the bereaved. Recently the Covid pandemic has affected us all and we have seen a sharp increase in excess deaths caused by this dreadful virus.

As we start to emerge from this past year and return to near normal many have been left struggling with dealing with  not just the grief of losing a loved one  but with trying to deal with their financial affairs and navigating the sometimes-complex legal procedure of administering their estate.

It has been estimated that in 2020 an excess of 80,000 more people died than normally expected.

Dealing with such issues can be extremely upsetting and stressful and can possibly be detrimental to your health.

We understand this and this is why we are here to help lessen your burden and guide you through the legal process at this difficult time.

You may find the following links useful:

This page found on the Marie Curie website provides a very useful list of charities that provide bereavement services.

The GOV.UK website has a very useful list What to do when someone dies: step by step – GOV.UK (


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