Famous Will Disputes

by | Dec 7, 2021 | Wills

Many people are interested in the lives and deaths of celebrities, but famous Will Disputes aren’t just a topic for the gossip columns. They can be very insightful and even instructive, if we know what to look out for.

What is a Will Dispute?

A Will is an essential document that expresses your wishes for your estate after you have passed away. We all know this, so it’s surprising how many people forget to complete a Will. Then there are instances known as Will Disputes, where a Will is contested by friends, family or others who believe they are entitled to some or all of the deceased person’s estate.

Not every Will Dispute makes the global headlines, or even the local ones, but there are some very famous Will Disputes in the world of celebrity. Here are some of the more interesting ones that show why it’s vital to write a Will and have your wishes upheld should someone wish to contest it.

Bob Marley

Despite being one of the most iconic musicians of our time and also being diagnosed with a terminal brain cancer Bob Marley never made a Will. This is particularly strange as he was very astute at dealing with his financial affairs but as we say he failed “ to put his affairs in order” by writing a Will despite knowing for a while he was going to die.

Part of the problem in his case may have been his Rastafarian faith which may have forbidden it. As a result, after his death his widow was persuaded by some unscrupulous accomplices to forge certain financial documents. Fortunately, the scam was uncovered and they were prosecuted but all of this could have been avoided if he had just prepared his Will.

Pablo Picasso

One of the most famous artists of all time passed away at the ripe old age of 91. He must have realised he was getting old and wouldn`t live forever and he was worth millions yet despite this he also never made a Will. Lengthy litigation followed after his death which resulted in £30 million pounds in legal fees. Clearly once again all this could have been avoided including the astronomical legal costs if he had just made a Will.

Paul Walker

This famous Hollywood actor who starred in the Fast and the Furious movies tragically died in a car accident aged only 28.

Paul Had made a Will 12 years earlier prior to his death and had provided for his daughter but had not reviewed or updated his Will to include his partner of 7 years. He also appointed his mother as guardian to his daughter. Under Australian Law his daughter`s biological mother takes precedence over his mother as is the case here in the UK.

Clearly Paul although very young had prepared a Will but had failed to update it as his fame and family circumstances changed.


What we can learn from famous Will Disputes

Such famous cases show us the importance of preparing our Will to avoid such disputes after our death and protect our family members.

None of us know our future but we can plan ahead and prepare a Will in advance to protect our assets and ensure we leave them to those we love.

It is equally important to regularly review your Will and adapt it to suit any changes that occur throughout our lifetime.

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