Providing For A Vulnerable Adult Or Child In Your Will

by | Dec 7, 2021 | Wills

The best way this can be achieved is by drafting a Will that creates a discretionary trust. This will provide you with reassurance that you have protected them when you die from being taken financial advantage of in the future.

In this way the assets of the deceased do not belong to anyone beneficiary but are held by the trustees to provide care and benefit when needed to your child/adult

In other words, the trustees decide how your assets should be administered after your death for the benefit of the beneficiaries of your estate.

It is always advisable to choose trustees you can rely on and to provide a letter of wishes that can be stored with the discretionary will trust.

The letter of wishes although not legally binding on the Trustees should provide detailed guidance with your instructions on how you wish your Trustees to act. 

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