The Natalie Kate Moss Trust

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At Harries Watkins Jones we encourage you to consider leaving a gift to a charity in your will.  Many charities are dependent on these legacies to continue their valuable work. You can make a real difference to future generations after your days!

The Natalie Kate Moss Trust logoOne such charity, very worthwhile of your support, is The Natalie Kate Moss Trust. We have invited them to share their story and work.

The Natalie Kate Moss Trust

The Natalie Kate Moss Trust (NKMT) was set up in 2012 by the Moss family following the sudden death of Natalie at the age of 26 after an unexpected Brain Haemorrhage.

The Natalie Kate Moss TrustFocusing on turning this tragedy into something positive, their mission is to empower you to understand how to prevent lifestyle related brain haemorrhages from occurring, whilst generating funds to support ground breaking research at The University of Manchester to treat them when they do.

Brain haemorrhage, although less common than other types of stroke, is the most lethal and debilitating. About one-third of patients don’t survive the first month after their bleed, and three-quarters of those who do face life-altering disabilities. Sadly, survival rates haven’t improved much in the past 30 years, with limited progress in treatments compared to other stroke types. In contrast breast cancer survival has doubled in that same period, with four out of five patients surviving at 10 years. 

Whatsmore there are 4.6 million cases every year of Brain Haemorrhages, resulting in 3 million deaths. This is why the research at Manchester University is so critical to find a treatment to save lives or decrease the severity of disability after someone experiences a brain haemorrhage.

When The Natalie Kate Moss Trust first approached The University of Manchester in 2012 to see if there was any work that we could support, there was little to no research being done into Haemorrhagic Stroke (brain haemorrhages), with their main focus at that time being on Ischemic Stroke.

But since the inception of the partnership between NKMT and The University of Manchester in 2012, there have been significant advances in the research at the University as funding has increased year on year. One specific ground-breaking piece of research from Dr Adrian Parry-Jones has been developed, which is a new approach to manage brain haemorrhage patients in hospital; The ABC bundle. When implemented at Salford Royal the ABC bundle reduced mortality at 1 month by 10%. The ABC bundle is now being tested in hospitals across the North of England with the hope that it will become standard treatment across the country for brain haemorrhage.

Moreover, as a result of their growth, in 2021 the team at Manchester University launched the Geoffrey Jefferson Brain Research Centre to help raise the profile of their research, increase funding and attract the brightest talent to Manchester, all with the aim of providing better outcomes and transforming the lives of patients with stroke and other brain conditions. 

Evidently there have been major advancements made since 2012, but there is still so much more work to be done. Finding better treatment to save lives after Brain Haemorrhage is critical, but equally so too is preventing Brain Haemorrhages before they happen. Hypertension (high blood pressure) is the leading cause of lifestyle related brain haemorrhages (Stroke Uk), however, on average, one third of a population has high blood pressure, but 50% of those people are undiagnosed and unaware that they do and therefore running the risk of a major health complication happening.

Recognising this major problem, and adamant to prevent more Brain Haemorrhages from happening unnecessarily, NKMT have launched their ‘Prevent the Preventable’ Campaign, encouraging individuals to be more proactive in checking their blood pressure, understanding how to manage it through lifestyle and what to do if they recognise that they have high blood pressure. They are also visiting companies to deliver a ‘Lunch and Learn’ style session to support in educating employees on this topic. If you are interested in learning more about running such a session, please see more information here

To find out more about the work at The Natalie Kate Moss Trust, visit their website or follow them on Linkedin or Instagram.

Please follow this link, if you would like to find out some of the potential tax advantages of charitable giving.


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