What is Willanthropy?

by | Jul 28, 2023 | Charities, Wills


“Willanthropy” the act of leaving a gift to charity in your will.


Campaign from Remember a Charity

A campaign from Remember A Charity is advocating for the inclusion of a new term in dictionaries to acknowledge the growing trend of everyday people making generous contributions to charity through their wills. This term, called ‘Willanthropy’, aims to challenge the misconception that only the wealthy can make a significant impact and support good causes through their wills.

Lucinda Frostick, Director of Remember A Charity, says:

WillanthropyCharities play such a huge part in our communities all over the UK. By remembering those close to our hearts with a gift in our Will, we can ensure that their work lives on long beyond our lifetimes. We’re thrilled to be celebrating the nation’s Willanthropists and hope to inspire people across the country to consider those causes that have touched their lives – and what a difference a gift in their Will could make.”

“So, if there is a charity that you’re passionate about in your community, please consider remembering them in your Will once you’ve taken care of your loved ones.”

Remember A Charity  is urging dictionaries to include this term as an official word. They are also encouraging people to share their own stories of Willanthropy on social media using the hashtag #Willanthropy.

You can read some of the stories here.

How easy is it to leave a gift to charity in your will?

We can guide you through the process and there may even be tax advantages! You can read more about charity legacies and tax here.

The video below explains how easy it is to leave money to a charity.

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