Wills and the Digital Assets Dilemma

There are increasing concerns amongst Probate professionals in relation to accessing digital assets when dealing with estate administration. Recent research has discovered problems surrounding property rights to such assets.

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What can cause Probate delays?

How long does Probate take is a common question people ask and in reality, there is no definite answer to this as each and every deceased person`s estate is unique to them.

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Failure of Gifts in your Will

So, you`ve made your Will and decided who the beneficiaries should be and what gifts or legacies you wish to leave them. How many of you are aware of the all-too-common problems and pitfalls that can occur?

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Can I draft my own Will?

The simple answer is yes and there are currently many self-drafted Wills currently being made. Numerous online sites are encouraging people to download a template and essentially have a go.

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Problems with DIY Wills

Many people ask why they should seek professional help to write their Will. A recent legal case highlights some of the pitfalls and what to look out for.

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Getting your affairs in order

Most of us will be familiar with this expression but how many of us have considered what it actually means. Whilst most of us are extremely organised and professional during our daily lives in the workplace with our finances, pensions etc all in place, …

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Deed Of Variation

This is a useful method for allowing beneficiaries of a Will to rearrange the distribution of the deceased`s estate.

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